Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Disagree On What Should Happen On Babymoon

jenelle evansJenelle Evans and boyfriend Nathan Griffith are so close to meeting baby Kaiser. Jenelle is eight months along. What better time to take a little babymoon and connect with your partner and that's exactly what Jenelle and Nathan are doing ... except Nathan has a different idea on what should happen on a babymoon than Jenelle.

Jenelle seems to want to only wear tiny bikinis -- this neon green one with sequins is amazing ... she looks amazing. But Nathan isn't noticing.


He's busy sleeping. And when you think about it, he's not going to be getting a whole lot of sleep once baby arrives, so why not catch those zzzs when you can. Still, Jenelle wants him awake. "He needs to wake up. I'm ready…" she wrote when posting this pic.

Ready, ready? Not that kind of ready. Kaiser isn't quite ready yet. Maybe not that other kind of ready either ... though wow ... beautiful! Jenelle has said that she was working on tanning her back and her calves. She's ready to tan, to start the day, to get moving. Hope she's staying hydrated and not soaking in the sun for too long.

Do you think Jenelle is tanning too much? Did you have a babymoon? What did you do while on it?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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