Amber Portwood's Problem With Men Isn't All That Uncommon

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood has completely turned her life around since she went to jail for 17 months on drug related charges. She's dealt with her anger issues and gotten over her drug addiction, and is maintaining a healthy friendship with her ex-fiance Gary Shirley for the sake of their daughter Leah. Oh yeah, and of course she's rebuilding that mother-daughter bond with her baby and working toward joint custody.

One thing that Amber doesn't have figured out is the opposite sex. In fact, she's downright naive about men. Or, at least that's what she claims. On Thursday, the Teen Mom star sent a tweet to her followers pondering why she's been so unlucky in love.


Cold? What's she talkin' about? You could call Amber and Gary's tumultuous relationship a lot of things, but "cold" isn't one of them. In fact, you might even call it hot-tempered. Remember the time she choked him? Not to mention all the times she yelled at him. I can practically hear her still screaming in my brain, "GARY!!"

Or maybe she's talking about someone else that she's dated since she got sprung from the slammer last fall. Who knows?

Anyway, Amber's problem of not really understanding men is a common one. Seriously, what goes on in those brains of theirs? And even if you start to feel like you get a handle on their gender as a whole, you get thrown for a loop when you try to get to know one individually.

At least reality star is finally engaging in some introspection. She must really be better!

Do you think Amber is naive about men?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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