'16 & Pregnant' Star's Suspicious Smoking Pic Enrages Fans (PHOTO)


Danielle Cunningham

Wow. I guess we should give moms the benefit of the doubt whenever they're accused of engaging in shady behavior with their children around, but after seeing a photo of 16 & Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham smoking what appears to be a blunt? Yeah ... exactly no one can blame us for getting a little bit judgmental.

After sharing the pic on Instagram, it's totally understandable that many of her followers lashed out at her for doing something so irresponsible and unhealthy -- and just wait until you hear her crazy response to the criticism.


Here's the photo in question:

Danielle Cunningham

Nice, huh? Ok, back to Danielle's response. First, she let everyone know that her kids were in bed when she lit up the cigarette (or blunt or whatever) -- and then she went and added this little gem.

"OMG all of you suck my d--k. I will hit a fat ass blunt and blow it in your face. Judgmental ass c--s. Unfollow me uglies."

Uhhh, seriously? She'll "hit a fat ass blunt" -- and finds it justifiable since her kids were asleep but not in the same room with her? What if one of them woke up and walked in on her puffing away? And what if they wound up breathing in some of the smoke?

I know there are probably some people who will argue that smoking a little weed really isn't all that different from moms who enjoy a glass of wine or two after their children are in bed for the night, but I beg to differ. For starters, alcohol is legal. And since the whole second-hand smoke thing doesn't apply to a glass of vino, getting high with your kids around is totally different.

I'm sorry, but I just can't blame Danielle's followers for attacking her. Honestly, she should've expected it after posting such a controversial photo. (Maybe that was the point?)

Do you think Danielle did anything wrong?


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