Jennifer Lawrence Tries to Lie to Jimmy Fallon & Fails Adorably (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence can not tell a lie -- no, for real, the actress is a terrible liar! She appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show last night, where Jimmy Fallon challenged her to a hilarious round of "Box of Lies."

The point of the game is to choose a mystery box and then either lie or tell the truth about its contents. Your opponent then guesses whether you're telling the truth or fibbing. You'd think an Academy Award-winning actress could pull on a straight face while describing a Rubik's Cube suspended in Jell-O, right? Wrong! Jen doesn't have a poker face to speak of -- and she proves even more adorable in this hilarious video you have to see!


JLaw tells Jimmy he is a "sociopath" for his ability to fib about a Full House John Stamos doll (which we all desperately need in our lives). And she has a point: he doesn't crack a smile.

She then tells the most horrific lie about having a miniature horse on top of Flintstone vitamins in her box. It takes the talk show host but a minute to call her out on it. You gotta admit that was a terrible lie!

We learn two things by watching this clip: Jimmy is a way better liar than Jennifer. And our fave actress really is as much fun as everyone suspects. Can't you just picture her dancing with a lampshade over her head at your next party?

Check out the funny video and be sure you don't miss her naughty "box" joke at the start of the clip:

 Are you surprised that Jennifer is a bad liar?


Image via YouTube

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