'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: Johnny Bananas & CT take on Jordan

the challenge free agents jordanThe rookie versus veteran rivalry never really ends on MTV, does it? Or maybe it's just Jordan on this season of The Challenge: Free Agents, who seems to be irritating the majority of the cast members.

Immediately after the group returned from the last elimination challenge, Theresa felt like she had to justify her reasons for not voting Laurel into the round. Fortunately for her, Devyn was able to forgive her and decided to go the political route to continue to jab at Laurel. Now it gets scary.


But when the cast gathered together for the challenge, "Smarty Pants," we were about to learn who was really the wisest of the group. What slim pickins, eh? The trivia round had the group split into men and women, suspended on a rope above the water, and made to answer random trivia questions. As soon as they got two answers wrong, they were dropped.

After multiple missed questions (sorry, Bananas, Australians don't speak Dutch) and too many misspelled words (Leroy, repeat after me: disguise, d-i-s-g-u-i-s-e, disguise), Zach and Devyn emerged as winners and were safe from elimination and got to choose who went into the match.

After deliberating for all of two seconds, Zach threw Swift into the gauntlet, and Devyn was ultimately convinced by Laurel and nominated her friend, Theresa into the duel. That flipping Theresa did last week? Looks like it didn't sit well with Devyn after all.

And with Jordan and Camila both drawing kill cards and facing the losers in "Tug of War," the cast was bound to lose some really good and competitive cast members.

So when Jordan decisively beat Swift, the showboating started yet again. And Bananas and CT were none too happy to see their biggest rival come back into the game. But Camila and Theresa, whose round lasted far longer than the guys', ended in tears after Camila essentially gave up. And thus, one of the strongest girls in the game was sent home.

But beware: Theresa is back and she's coming at every. single. girl. It's showtime. Oh, and that Bananas vs. Jordan duel? Yeah, that's not over either, according to previews for next week. It's on.

Whose side are you on? CT and Bananas' or Jordan's?


Image via MTV

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