Jenelle Evans' Racy Bedroom Selfie Is Bad News for Nathan Griffith (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

She's mastered the art of bikini baby bump selfies and shower selifes, and now Jenelle Evans is so savvy with a smart phone she can even add bedroom selfies to her list of accomplishments. (Hey -- you gotta give credit where credit is due.)

Even though she's busy going to school right now, she's still been enjoying quite a bit of extra down time, and based on this new photo of her lying in bed with Nathan Griffith, she definitely has a preference as far as what sorts of activities she prefers these days.


Jenelle captioned this shot with, "He needs to wake up. I'm ready."

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

And after first seeing it I was all, "Ready for what? Ready to head to the hospital and give birth? Ready to ... well, you know ..."

But as it turns out based on checking out her Twitter feed, Jenelle was simply ready to head to the beach to get her tan on, which is something that most definitely seems to be a priority for her right now. Man -- poor Nathan! I'm sure he's not thrilled about taking a back seat to Jenelle's bikini time, but then again she does look better pregnant in a two-piece than most women do when they aren't expecting.

I mean, I guess she won't have much time for fun in the sun once baby Kaiser makes his entrance, so she might as well soak up every single second of being a beach bum she can get, right? And at least this way she'll have a decent amount of color when she goes into the delivery room.

Remember, it's all about having your priorities straight, people -- selfie, tan, laundry. (Or something to that effect.)

Are you getting tired of Jenelle's endless selfies?


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