Amber Portwood’s Birthday Plans Are the Last Thing We’d Expect From Her

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood announced just how she plans to celebrate her 24th birthday, and it definitely has a few of her fans raising a questioning eyebrow. Don't get it twisted, this reformed bad-girl doesn't have any wild antics plans -- or so she claims! Amber clearly doesn't relish the idea of returning to jail or going the way of Farrah Abraham (buh-bye now), so she's treating her return to the limelight carefully.

Amber says that she's going to quietly celebrate her 24th by spending time with her family and friends. To each their own! That is basically how I spend every birthday and I have never battled a drug addiction or spent serious time in the clink -- so clearly I approve. Provided there is also cake factored into the equation. Though that should go without saying.


But why even share this info? I mean, if it's just to express thanks at how far she has come on her journey to wellness, then of course I naturally support that. She has had one hell of a trip. But if that's not the reason, it's kind of a weird thing to share. "Happy Birthday to me. I am celebrating by doing nothing".

It could be read as being totally fishy. Is she possibly slipping up and posting innocuous stuff like this in the hopes that we are all fooled into thinking she's on the straight and narrow? I hope not! She's been doing so well.

What do you think? Is Amber for real?


Image via Twitter

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