Walking Dead: First Season 5 Image May Show Rick's Escape (PHOTO)

Filming for The Walking Dead is once again in progress, with a new sixteen-episode season expected to begin airing in October. David Morrisey, who played The Governor, once said that it takes about eight days to shoot each episode, so it seems like we can conclude the premiere episode has just wrapped.

Interestingly, AMC has just revealed the first still image from season 5. If the photo of a battered Rick Grimes is indeed from the first episode, it sure looks like our survivors won't be trapped in their Terminus railcar for very long.

(Season 4 spoilers ahead!)


Here's the first peek at season 5:

That's Rick, obviously, and is he peering out of the train car where he and the other survivors were locked up at the end of season 4? There's no way to know if this is a posed shot or an actual moment from the episode, but assuming it's the latter, it sure looks like Rick's making his way out of that tin can.

Don't make too much of that blood, though. Rick had the same banged-up face during the season 4 finale:

It's unclear if he's sneaking out or fighting his way out or if this is just a random image where they told Andrew Lincoln to stand there and look pensive, but we know season 5 Rick won't be the same guy who tried his hand at the peaceful farm life in season 4:

You can never be the same person you once were...Rick can't. And I think that that was the eternal struggle is that he was trying to repress a part of him that is in him. -- Andrew Lincoln

I would pretty much guarantee that we're going to see a completely different Rick Grimes in Season 5, one who is just willing to do anything and would never question any motive or any decision. He just goes into it head-first. -- Executive producer Greg Nicotero

Fans who are keeping a close eye on the Walking Dead filming location have reported "Lots of screams, gunfire and some walkers," which raises the question of how walkers might come into play at Terminus. Will someone create a breach in the fence, perhaps as a diversion for Rick's escape? Or are they just milling around outside Terminus?  

Here's another intriguing revelation:

Filming has moved inside. Loud screams were heard. Not shouting/arguing/pleading tones. These were described by multiple people as ‘torture’ or something that sounded extremely bad.

Hmmm. Terminus cannibals at work, slicing off a blue plate special? Or a retaliation of some sort against the Terminus citizens?

What do you think about the season 5 hints so far? Do you think AMC's released image shows Rick leaving the train car?

Image via AMC

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