Jenelle Evans Accused of Doing Something Despicable to Unborn Baby


Jenelle Evans

Just when we thought her haters couldn't possibly be any more vicious, now Jenelle Evans is being accused of naming her new baby Kaiser after none other than Hitler. Yes, as in Adolf freakin' HITLER!

Are you believing this? (Never mind. This is Jenelle, we're talking about. Of course you are.)

And I know you're wondering how anyone could possibly for one second assume that Jenelle's motivation for choosing the name Kaiser had anything to do with anything remotely evil.


As she so eloquently explained on Twitter, she does have a reason for calling her little guy Kaiser -- and it makes perfect sense.

Yep. Kaiser means "emperor." Not dictator. Or Hitler. Or whatever. (Eye roll.)

OMG, people! I don't care how much you can't stand a person -- you don't go and make fun of their baby name by assuming it's associated with something so horribly negative!

Calling Jenelle out for her past mistakes is one thing, but going so far as to attack her unborn child's name is just plain nasty. How can anyone honestly believe Jenelle would do something so despicable to her child?

And she's obviously beyond insulted by the comments, because she also felt the need to share this photo on Instagram, explaining in even more detail how she and Nathan Griffith settled on Kaiser. She captioned the pic with, "A fan tweeted me they learned about Kaiser today ... THIS is who we got the name from basically. NOT BREAD OR NOT A HOSPITAL."


Sheesh. Let's hope this is the last time Jenelle is forced to explain herself -- at least as far as Kaiser is concerned. Moms-to-be have enough stress to contend with without people accusing them of being downright stupid.

Do you like Jenelle's baby name?


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