'True Tori' Recap: Dean McDermott Reveals the Source of His Demons (VIDEO)

The latest episode of True Tori centers on whether Dean, who is still in the dog house for cheating on Tori, should return to Toronto ("the scene of the crime" as he wryly puts it) to film the second season of a food show he hosts, Chopped: Canada. Both parties have conflicting feelings about it. On the one hand, Dean isn't exactly Brad Pitt. The man needs a job. On the other, the last time he was in Toronto is what landed them in this whole mess.


Despite (or maybe because?) of that, Dean is clearly jonesing to head back to Toronto, probably seeing it as his last chance to have a career -- besides the horrific one Tori has carved out for him as star of a reality show focused on all his transgressions. But he's also wary of his own demons, and whether they will find him again once he's out from under Tori's yoke.

"There's no consequences to your actions," Tori gripes. "Despite your bad behavior, you keep working." Hello, Tori, did you just move to Hollywood? You know how it works for the dudes.

At their therapy session, Dr. Wexler asks Tori if she's scared Dean might cheat again if he goes to Toronto.

"Yeah," Tori says. "I'm scared a lot of things might happen."

Hoping to get some clarity on things, Tori and Dean head to a session with a Reiki practitioner -- sort of a half-therapy, half-massage thing.

The Reiki woman asks Dean why it is he keeps trying to sabotage his life -- "Why don't you believe you deserve it?" she asks, about having a good career and a loving wife and children.

"My Dad," he says. "It was never good enough, never."

This is the second major clue of the show that Dean's issues stem from his parents -- don't they always?! Earlier, he admitted that he often feels uncomfortable when Tori is sick, which she often is, because his mother was always sick. Dean apparently hasn't studied Freud -- Dean, don't you know you marry your mother?!

Taking Tori's advice that he has to be more "nurturing," Dean has a special map made for Tori that honors all of the places where the couple had special moments. Toronto, on the map, is where their daughter Stella was conceived -- not where Dean broke his vows. But he did that too, just in case you've forgotten.

It's difficult to tell what Dean's deal really is -- is he, as so many believe, simply a sociopathic narcissist who has agreed to work on his marriage so he doesn't lose his meal ticket?

Or is he truly a repentent man on the cusp of real emotional maturity who is battling deep emotional scars and is hell-bent on changing?

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I don't have answer anymore than Tori does. But fortunately for me I'm not married to Dean, so I don't need to figure it out. However, anyone who has been blindsided by a loved one's dark side can probably relate to what Tori is going through.

At the end of the day, however, and as recent paparazzi shots proved, Dean will head off to Toronto. Because Dean always gets what he wants, doesn't he?

Do you think should go to Toronto?

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