Pregnant Jenelle Evans Gets Slammed for Another 'Risky' Move (PHOTO)

jenelle evansI have to admit, people LOVE to pick on Jenelle Evans. In fact, they can be pretty harsh. But to be totally honest, she makes herself an easy target. Now she's being slammed for behavior some think is dangerous to her unborn baby.


Jenelle recently posted the photo below from an outing to the beach, but it wasn't the fact that she was soaking up the sun that caused a stir. Take a look at the position that she is laying in.

Immediately, some fans wondered if this was safe for the baby. Most moms-to-be are told to avoid lounging or sleeping on their tummies because it can be harmful, not to mention uncomfortable. This certainly isn't the first time her judgment has been questioned during this pregnancy. Just a couple weeks ago she got flack after announcing plans to go to an amusement park -- and riding those jarring rides is another big pregnancy no-no.

However, Jenelle is probably finding comfort in the fact that many fans think it's not a big deal. They noted that she wasn't actually sleeping and that sand is relatively soft.  The one thing that's not up for debate: how amazing she looks at nearly 9 months pregnant.

Do you think Jenelle was laying in a dangerous position?


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