'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Gets Caught in a Seriously Awkward Lie

ramona singerAnother episode of The Real Housewives of New York, another hour of crazy Ramona Singer. This week picked up right where last week left off: At Heather's home in the Bershires, moments after Ramona chucked a wine glass at Kristen's face. Despite the fact that she clearly was in the wrong, Ramona continued to behave as if Kristen was the one who assaulted her. She eventually offered Kristen a half-assed apology ("It wasn't my intention to hurt you."), but ultimately, she took no responsibility for what she did.

And then she got caught in the mother of all lies.


Before all the girls went for a hike the morning following glassgate, Ramona called up one of her friends, who happened to have a private plane, and asked him to pick her up to "rescue" her. As soon as she found out she was leaving, she began packing up her things, yet denied anything was going on when Carole asked her if she was leaving. Then, when everyone went on a hike through the woods, Ramona began sobbing to Carole, telling her that being there in the Berkshires was reminding her too much of her painful childhood and she needed to leave. She then was like, "P.S., I have a plane picking me up, like, now, so I need you to drive me to the airport." Later on at dinner, the girls all pieced together that it was a well- (but not too well) thought out plan on Ramona's behalf. And their suspicions of her general phoniness and motive for leaving were more or less confirmed when LuAnn was texted a photo of Ramona, happy as a clam, at a party in the Hamptons.

After that, the ladies -- even Sonja, who was pissed at Ramona for bailing without saying goodbye -- decided that they would get even with Ramona via confronting her and calling her out on her BS. From the looks of things from next week's preview, it's going to go horribly. And by "horribly" I mean "amazing" (for us viewers!).

What did you think of Ramona's get-away plan?


Image via Bravo

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