Jenelle Evans Has No Business Writing a Memoir ... Yet.

Jenelle EvansWhat's a girl to do after getting pregnant at 16 and becoming a reality TV star? Write a memoir! It's all the rage, dahling. First Farrah Abraham did it with My Teenage Dream Ended. Then Kailyn Lowry did it much better with Pride Over Pity. Maci Bookout needs to hurry up and finish writing hers already.

Now the latest Teen Mom star rumored to be penning an autobiography is none other than recently recovered train wreck Jenelle Evans. She tweeted to her fans that when she gets time, she will be writing down the sordid details of her past and how she overcame them.


I'm the first to admit that Jenelle probably has some pretty great tales to tell. Like maybe what the hell she was thinking when she made some of the dumbest decisions evah. She's had one heck of a bumpy ride getting to where she is now, that's for sure.

Which will likely make for an inspiring story! Was it rock bottom when she got arrested for heroin possession with soon-to-be-ex-husband Courtland Rogers? Because there has to be a rock bottom in there somewhere. It's rare that people just wake up one day and decide to turn their entire lives around with no provocation whatsoever.

But that's the thing. Jenelle seems like she has her crap together right now, which is wonderful. She's in a stable relationship, and getting close to baby Kaiser's due date. She's getting along with her mom Barbara (!!), and going to school. She's doing great.

This is not the time to take on a daunting new challenge like writing your memoirs. Reliving past memories to put them into words can be emotionally draining, challenging, and sometimes just plain hard. This is a time for Jenelle to focus on making sure she's all the way better, and not in danger of relapsing into drugs or just plain ol' idiocy.

Someday, I'm sure her memoir will be a best-seller. But right now, her biggest challenges should be continuing to re-establish her relationship with her firstborn Jace, giving birth and taking care of baby Kaiser, and making sure her relationship with Nathan stays on the up and up.

Do you think it would be a good idea for Jenelle to wait a while before writing her memoirs?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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