Kailyn Lowry Wants to Take on Another Untraditional Mothering Role (VIDEO)

Kailyn LowryKailyn Lowry is one reality star who seems to have her crap together. You'd never guess from watching her episode of 16 & Pregnant, but this now-22-year-old has turned into a fantastic earth mother who champions breastfeeding and even ate her own placenta.

The Teen Mom 2 star and New York Times bestselling author has obviously embraced motherhood, and she and her hubby Javi Marroquin have made no secret of the fact that they'd like to add another little one to their brood. Kail says three would be enough for her, but when she's done making babies for herself, she'd like to help other couples have children by becoming a surrogate!


During a live interview for OK! Magazine, Kailyn said, "I'm hoping for one more, and then maybe become a surrogate for someone, but that's about it ... three is enough for me."

Holy moly! Lending another couple your uterus for nine months isn't exactly like loaning out a cup of sugar or even your favorite pair of shoes. Pregnancy is hard, and it takes a toll on your body and sometimes takes over your life. It takes a very special kind of person to act as the oven for a baking baby who she won't get to take home with her after the birth.

But Kail seems like the type who could do it. She has a selfless attitude toward motherhood, brought on in part by her own dysfunctional upbringing. She's said in the past that her mom taught her how not to be a mom, so it makes sense that she would want to bring joy and life to another couple who would be good parents to a child. The world needs more good parents.

Would she surrogate for a stranger, or would it have to be personal? Would it be easier or more difficult to carry a baby for a stranger or a family member or close friend? Last year a friend asked Kail to "borrow ur uterus" when she was done being pregnant with Lincoln, and she responded, "I’ll help you out! We can work it out."

Would you consider carrying a baby for another couple?


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