Amber Portwood's Makeup-Free Selfie Is a Lie (PHOTO)

Amber PortwoodThe makeup-free selfie trend that just about everyone is in on makes some of us feel good about ourselves, makes us realize we don't need a ton of makeup to look beautiful. In fact, all we need is a soft focus or a great Instagram filter! It's tough living in these technological times. But one thing remains the same -- pictures don't lie.

But Amber Portwood is lying. She claims that her selfie is makeup free, but it's not. No way. Not a chance. See for yourself. Note: The first is a picture she posted earlier this month with obvious makeup, and the second is the one in which she claims to be makeup-free. 


Oh Amber. You have makeup on. I can see it clear as day even though it seems you need a better phone camera.

amber portwood makeup free selfie

The is some kind of eyeliner happening. There has to be. When she posted this photo on Twitter, she wrote: "Fresh out the makeup and hair undone...embrace your flaws! Sending love everyone have a beautiful night." 

Great message. But the photo is a lie. Fans called her out saying they see makeup. She responded, no that she was not. Until finally she said, "Yes except my eyelashes unfortunately. They will eventually come off within a week or two...but I like them." 

Nothing wrong with some fake eyelashes. Just don't go saying you are makeup free and to embrace your flaws when you have a little cosmetic assistance. She should have said, "Naked face except for my eyelashes." You can use that next time, Amber.

What do you think of Amber posting this pic and claiming she was makeup free?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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