Charlize Theron's Awkward 'SNL' Skit 'Man Plan' Was Ridiculously Funny (VIDEO)

snl charlize theronCharlize Theron is a gorgeous woman who clearly cannot sing. Last night's Saturday Night Live made sure to point that out to us with their opening monologue, which called out all of Charlize's other amazing talents but took her celebrity abilities down a notch by making sure we all knew she can't sing a tune. I was bored with it. But Charlize's hosting role did allow her to showcase all the weird accents and voices she can do ... even if she didn't do a great job of maintaining whatever accent it was throughout the whole sketch.

My favorite bit of the night might have been the most awkward one -- though there were many. Charlize and Nasim Pedrad's Man Plan bit featured some odd beats coming from a kid's computer with both women "dancing" to the music. Weird, but wonderful.


The way Nasim seems to float with the music is fantastic physical comedy. The outfits, of course, help with the whole bit. Check it out.

Silly, yes. The machine gun part might have been my favorite. Along with the fact that Charlize seems to miss her cue a few times -- that just made it all the more funny. Did you catch the Mortal Combat sound effect at the end?

What did you think of the skit? Did you enjoy the show?

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