'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: Cara Maria Gets Revenge & Lines Are Drawn

the challenge free agents ct cara mariaIn the fifth episode of The Challenge: Free Agents, the rookies and veterans finally had it out. As always, the cast has been wanting to make the newbies "earn their stripes," but it seems like the vets finally got what was coming to them.

Tonight's main challenge, "Piggy Back," had the cast split up into two teams, and swinging from ropes while suspended above the water. Johnny and Camila were chosen as captains and once again, Devyn and poor Preston were chosen last.

One by one, each team had to work their way across all 10 ropes, making sure to touch each rope with both hands, and making it to the final platform. Most of the competitors from each team took the looooong tumble down and fell to the waters and failed to reach the end. Most importantly: Johnny Bananas was disqualified. Now that's a challenge milestone.


But even though each team only got four contestants across, Preston didn't touch both hands on the last rope, and his team (Camila's) lost and was immediately vulnerable to going into the elimination round and draw.

But it also meant the Cara Maria was free from the elimination, for the first time all season! FINALLY!

Not long after her celebration (naked, may I add), the discussions began. Theresa was adamant on voting in Laurel and getting rid of a strong girl. Naturally, Cara Maria completely agreed and the group seemed to be somewhat understanding. When it came to the guys' discussion, Johnny, Cara Maria, and Jordan had a very easy decision: Bananas.

Yet when it came time to announcing the decision, the fall out was not  expected. Once she realized that Laurel was sure to be going in with a majority of the votes, Theresa completely bailed on her initial plan. Later, Bananas quickly got the message and when Jordan was the final vote, he took his sweet time sending his rival into the elimination round. At last! After seasons and seasons of avoiding the round, Bananas was voted into the elimination!

Unfortunately... the plan entirely backfired. Laurel ended up facing Jasmine (in a real-life David vs. Goliath match), and Bananas met up with Isaac, who is a self-proclaimed bum when it comes to sand challenges.

Not shockingly, both vets came out on top, and promised to return to the house with a vengeance. In the wisest of words, Bananas proclaimed: "hell hath no fury like a banana scorned." And then quickly said that when he gets back and gets to battle with Jordan, he won't just be missing his hand, but he'll knock Jordan's head off.

WHOA. Them's fightin' words. Also, incredibly rude, no?

So when the cast returned to the house, the real brawl started and the two now-rivals (seriously, if there's every another Rivals season, these two should be a couple) promised to target each other. Finally, Bananas has a worth-while opponent.

Did you like seeing Bananas finally sent into the elimination round?


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