Kailyn Lowry Chose Mother’s Day to Reveal Exactly How She Feels About Her MIL

kailyn lowryKailyn Lowry knows what moms want for Mother's Day. Well, at least she knows what her mother-in-law wants. The Teen Mom just shared the gorgeous, creative gift she bought husband Javi's mom for Mother's Day, and guaranteed, you'll be rushing out to the store in the next hour to try to pick one up for your mom. This is too cute!





kailyn lowry

How adorable and thoughtful is this? A pretty necklace with her kids' names on them (not sure who Alfredito is -- assuming another grandchild?). Javi's mama is sure to treasure this sweet piece of jewelry, and it really is a great idea for a Mother's Day gift.

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I love that Kailyn has a good relationship with her husband's mother and put time into picking out a gift she knew she'd like. Javi's mama is a lucky grandma to be getting such a sweet necklace -- and a lucky lady to have such a sweet daughter-in-law!

How cute is this necklace?

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