Nikki Ferrell Hangs Out With Juan Pablo's Ex -- Um, Awkward! (PHOTO)

Nikki Ferrell Bachelor ladies

Have you ever wondered how some of the ladies on The Bachelor manage to stay friends once the show is over even though they were competing for the same man? Yeah, well, apparently there's some sort of secret to being amicable even though you've both swapped spit with a dude.

And based on a new photo of Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis' ex in NYC, it's obvious that dating him didn't have any negative effect on their relationship.

Nikki shared the photo on Instagram and said how much she missed her old pal and that their reunion was way too short.


Nikki Ferrell Sharleen Joynt

Yep. That's Sharleen Joynt. Huh. Ees ok ... I guess?

Ok, so honestly, if this were anyone other than Sharleen, it wouldn't be the least bit concerning. It's no secret that Nikki and Andi Dorfman are besties and there's absolutely zero sense of weirdness between them.

But it does seem surprising for Nikki to remain close with Sharleen, especially because she was the one who chose to leave Juan Pablo behind even though she knew he was into her. Right from the very first night, Juan Pabs only had eyes for Sharleen. She totally captivated and fascinated him, and as time went on, it was clear she was falling for him too. (Which is probably why she left.)

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Even on the "Women Tell All" special, Sharleen sounded like she still had feelings for Juan Pablo, so it can't have been easy to see him ride off into the sunset with Nikki. It's hard not to wonder if she ever truly got over him and if seeing Nikki once again proved to be more difficult than she's letting on.

I guess there really doesn't appear to be any awkwardness between them in the photo, but you never know what is going through a person's mind that they aren't willing to say out loud.

Do you think it's weird that Nikki and Sharleen are friends?


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