Jenelle Evans Shares First Pic of Baby Kaiser! (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

Aww! Now that she's in the home stretch of her pregnancy, Jenelle Evans is beside herself with excitement over her baby-to-be. She couldn't resist sharing a photo of baby Kaiser's 3D ultrasound with her Twitter followers.

OMG. Wait until you see how cute this pic is! I know ultrasound pics are a thrill right from the very start and all, but now that Jenelle is in her third trimester, baby Kaiser looks like ... well, a baby. Chubby cheeks, little button nose, and all!

Check him out.


Jenelle Evans baby Kaiser

Isn't he all sorts of adorbs?!? It's tough to tell whether he more closely resembles Jenelle or Nathan Griffith (or even Jace?), but he's a real cutie regardless of who he winds up favoring.

And I know there are mixed opinions on whether or not moms should have 3D and 4D ultrasounds, but I gotta say, I'm SO glad I had them done when I was expecting my son. I still have a framed photo from one of them on my dresser, and it's a keepsake I will treasure forever. Jenelle will be so glad that she has these pics to look back on after Kaiser is born -- and she'll be amazed at just how much it really does look like him!

What a wonderful thing for her to be able to see her little man right before Mother's Day. I really can't think of a better gift than that.

Did you have a 3D or 4D ultrasound done?


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