Chelsea Houska's Mad Domestic Skills Make Her Perfect Girlfriend Material (PHOTOS)

Chelsea HouskaAdam Lind definitely missed out not holding onto the awesome sauce that is Chelsea Houska. I mean really, what the heck was that boy thinking not treating her like gold? She's an awesome mom to their daughter Aubree, totally gorgeous, super fun, and just to put a cherry on top of all of that, she's a domestic diva to boot!

The Teen Mom 2 star has been busy in the kitchen this week whipping up some nom-worthy vittles, and of course tweeting fabulous pictures, because if you don't take pictures of your food and post it on the Internet, did you really make dinner?


Check out these stuffed bell peppers she made on Tuesday -- they're filled with ground turkey and quinoa, so they're probably ridiculously healthy too.

Does that make you wish you had an invite to Chelsea's for dinner or what? Low-fat or not, those peppers look delish.

Chels is obviously on a health kick right now (I mean have you seen her recently??), because on Wednesday she broke out the juicer. And not only did she break out the juicer, she captioned her pic with a sexual innuendo, because all the best girlfriends are masters of the tease. She wrote, "Gonna grab my juicer, gonna hold her tight...gonna make some afternoon delight."

And please, let's not forget that this dream girl knows her way around a grill and a brewsky. Rumor has it that Chelsea might be seeing someone -- I say he's one lucky guy.

Do you think knowing how to cook is the icing on the cake of a good girlfriend?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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