Juan Pablo Finally Talks Marriage -- With the Wrong Woman!

juan pabloWhile the world waits with baited breath for a proposal for The Bachelor's Nikki Ferrell it looks like her bachelor has pulled a fast run-around on us. Juan Pablo just asked another woman to marry him! I think? At least, that's what it looks like. JP was doing a media appearance with the St. Johns women's softball team today, posing with the whole team. "I just BECAME a @StJohnsSoftball team FAN... Very NICE group of GIRLS... Good luck Friday against Georgetown..." bla bla bla. Insert squeals. But then oh, the next photo. Well, you should just see it for yourself.


Who is this Aleshia Link, and should Nikki be worried?!? I'm joking -- obviously, given the monkey emoticons he later added, he's totally kidding. Jajajaja, Juan Pablo. He's obviously playing on our obsession with his marital status. But what does Nikki think of all this?

If Nikki's following it, she has no comment on Twitter, anyway. Last we heard, she spent the night eating Kettle Corn and then rode the subway for the first time today. Oh here they are:

Still, if I were waiting around for a proposal, and if I knew everyone else in America was waiting for that proposal, Juan Pablo's joke would totally annoy me. I mean, geez, at least if he were genuinely funny you could overlook it. But really, the joke's on us. This is why we need to back off these two and let their relationship play out however it's going to -- because how can love thrive in a fishbowl?

Would it bug you if your boyfriend made jokes about proposals while you're waiting for a proposal?


Images via Twitter, Instagram


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