Mackenzie Douthit's Weight Loss Is Getting WAY Out of Hand (PHOTO)

Mackenzie Douthit

Plenty of moms become incredibly stressed during the process of trying to lose pregnancy pounds, but Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit's baby weight loss appears to be turning into somewhat of an obsession for her.

(I know -- she's so minuscule and doesn't need to lose an ounce. But apparently she thinks she does.)

She's been in a race to get her six-pack abs back after having baby Jaxie back in February. Even though she looks beyond amazing only three months after giving birth, she hasn't quite hit her goal yet.


And wait until you hear just how extreme it sounds like her diet regime is getting. She posted this tweet a couple of days ago, and it has "preoccupied with the number on the scale" written all over it.

Seriously? Three pounds in three days?!? Uhh. Maybe it was just water weight or something, but that seems like a lot to shed, especially given how tiny Mackenzie already is.

Just look at her!

Mackenzie Douthit

I mean, I'm happy for her because I know how great it feels when your body keeps on shrinking after having a baby, but let's just hope she doesn't get too terribly carried away.

Most moms would absolutely kill to look as fit and toned as she does right now, so she should really cut herself a little bit of slack! (Easier said than done though.)

Do you think Mackenzie is taking her weight loss too far?


Image via Twitter

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