'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Jill Duggar's 'Make or Break' Trip to Meet Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar & Derick DillardTalk about going the extra mile for a first date! On this week’s episode of 19 Kids & Counting, Jill Duggar traveled more than 8,000 miles to meet Derick Dillard in Nepal. After months of video-chatting, texting, and anticipatory giggling, Jill needed to figure out if her butterflies for Derick are real. And master hormone tamer Jim Bob was there to supervise it all.

I think Jill is adorable. She keeps Derick’s mementos on her nightstand, tears up reading his letters, and gushes about him nonstop with her sisters. After flying all night, she breaks out her curling iron to redo her perfect hair and freshen up. She reminds me of the rush of endorphins I had when I first fell in love ... before the buzz-kill of kids and responsibilities. Those were the days.


Derick greeted Jill with flowers and an enthusiastic side-hug. Score one point for Derick. He was courteous, navigated insane traffic (Nepal is a free-for-all with no traffic lights or signs), served as tour guide, and flashed enough of his dimpled grin to keep Jill interested. They seemed at ease with each other. I didn’t see any awkward silences (though I have to remind myself this is an edited show).

During an excursion to a paint store, Derick pulls Jim Bob outside to talk to him man-to-man. Of course it was to ask Jim Bob if he would approve of a courtship. After Jim Bob hesitated and likely gave poor Derick heart palpitations, he said he was fine with it if Jill accepted. Relieved, Derick told Jim Bob he was going to make his move in the coming days.

At the Duggar house, Michelle took some time to bond with both the younger and older kids. I was thrilled to see Josie have a temper tantrum. A Duggar out of line! Yes! Even though it was short-lived, it was still satisfying to watch. Michelle explained to Josie that she had to wait her turn for the ball and had her set a timer. The drama ended there. (This scene would have ended differently with my spirited toddler.) After dealing with Josie, Michelle goes out with Jessa for some good old-fashioned hot chocolate and girl talk. Michelle tries to school Jessa on the art of stroking the male ego. She advised Jessa that Ben would love to hear “That’s so sweet!” in response to a compliment instead of “Thanks.” Jessa is still learning to loosen up in the love game, but Jill seems like more of a natural.

How do you think Derick will ask Jill to be in a courtship next week?

Image via Duggarsblog

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