‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Is Dealing With Anger Management Issues Yet Again

amber portwoodEver since her release from prison late last year, Teen Mom Amber Portwood seems to have done a complete about-face. Leah's mama, and Gary Shirley's ex, is tackling her demons head-on. For any fans of the show, it's been clear that Amber hasn't always been able to control her anger. She's lashed out, thrown some punches, and chosen some not-so-nice words, especially around her baby daddy.

But now it seems like she's applying what she learned in anger management classes IRL, and the girl is having a much better time coping with stressful situations.

Though we're not sure what set her off last night, Amber was having a seemingly difficult day, and it looks like she was able to channel her skills.


Complete with an x-ray meme of exactly how many f*cks she gives (hint: it's absolutely, positively, completely none), we know that she's applying what she's learned in her anger management classes to better herself. And that's awesome to see.

It's so much better to see Amber handle issues directly and exactly when they appear instead of letting them fester and then having a major blowup. Learning to control anger before it controls you is basic Anger Management 101.

And better yet, it seems that Amber has retained some of her instructor tools as well. While in prison, she also taught anger management to other women, so all the months of work has seriously come in handy. Congrats, Amber! And keep up the great work!

How do you handle anger-inducing situations?


Image via AmberLPortwood/Twitter

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