Chelsea Houska Expands Her Family Sooner Than We Expected (PHOTOS)

Chelse Houska

She certainly has her hands full these days, but apparently Chelsea Houska loves hearing the pitter-patter of little feet!

Or ... I guess I should say big feet. Even though her love life is sort of a mystery these days, given that Chelsea's new boyfriend hasn't been revealed to the masses yet, she had to share her excitement about the new addition to her family with her Twitter followers.

And yes, even Aubree is thrilled about having someone new to play with.


Check out this adorable photo Chelsea shared ... of her brand new dog!

Chelsea Houska dog

And how about this cute one of the pup with Aubree?

Aubree Chelsea Houska dog

He's a 13-week-old Great Dane, and based on a new Vine video she shared of her "baby," it looks as though she called him "Phil."

Aww! Just look at that face! He looks like a Phil, doesn't he?

But man, given that he's only 13 weeks old, I wonder if Chel is prepared for just how huge he's going to get? Adult male Great Danes range from 120 to 200 pounds, so this boy is gonna be even bigger than her!

But based on these pics, he already looks like a lovable, gentle giant, and I'm sure he'll do a great job as far as being a reliable watch dog goes. It can't hurt to have an extra set of hands ... er, paws around to keep tabs on things, right?

Would you ever want a dog this big?


Images via Twitter

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