Jenelle Evans' New Bikini Selfie Is Pretty Painful to Look At (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

I'd like to go ahead and apologize in advance because you're not going to be able to un-see what I'm about to show you. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise, but Jenelle Evans posted yet another bikini baby bump photo to Twitter. By far, this is her most interesting (to say the least) pregnancy pic yet.

Clad in a leopard print two-piece this time, Jenelle's bump is bigger than ever, but it's the way she's posing in the photo that will make you absolutely cringe.

Again -- you may wind up covering your eyes immediately after viewing this pic.


Jenelle Evans baby bump

See? I warned ya.

Um, how painful must it be to sit with your legs tucked under you like that while pregnant?!? Most of us haven't sat that way since we were 2 years old, which makes it even more amazing that Jenelle was able to twist herself into this position.

And I'm sure you're wondering why, exactly, she chose to sit that way. Well? Here's her photo caption: "Trying to attempt to get my back and back of calves tan."

Yeahhhhh. I guess it is kind of tough to achieve a bronzed glow on your backside unless you dig a big hole in the sand for your pregnant belly -- but is having the back of your legs tan really that much of a priority? (Wait. Don't answer that.)

On another note, as preggo as she is, Jenelle's bod still does look pretty darn amazing. Who needs to worry about a tan when you're "all baby"?

Do you think Jenelle's position looks painful?


Images via Twitter

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