'24 Live Another Day' Recap: Jack Bauer Faces His Scariest Threat Yet

24 Live Another DayJack Bauer is baaccckkk! Oh how I have missed drooling over an ageless, buff badass who can strangle someone behind his back while handcuffed. I have never crossed paths with a man like Jack in suburbia.

There’s nothing like a shot of 24. It’s visual caffeine with split screens, events happening in real-time, and seconds ticking down for extra nail biting. The premiere delivered a quick Jack fix for fans suffering from four long years of 24 withdrawals. It’s on, baby!


We re-join Jack on the run, labeled as a traitor and a psychopath. He’s easily caught by CTU at the beginning of the episode. The CTU bigwigs celebrate and send a catatonic-looking Jack to be interrogated by the “Special Activities Unit.” (Code: Torture the shit out of the prisoner until he talks or throw him in a hole to die.) Only one disgraced agent, Kate Morgan, suspects a set-up and she was right. Jack has nine million lives and even more tricks up the sleeve of his black leather jacket.

After knocking down agents like dominoes, Jack finds Chloe O’Brien, near dead, in the underbelly of the CIA. He promptly fills a vial with epinephrine and plunges it into her heart so they can escape. Jack knows medicine and kicks ass, okay?

It seems like Jack frees Chloe out of friendship, but he really wants to follow her to the WikiLeaks-type hacker hive where she works. He needs her help to thwart an assassination attempt on the president. Chloe is now goth with black hair and heavy makeup. The look is jarring for her but I suppose it goes with her new identity as hacktivist. Personally, I will take Chloe any way I can get her. Jack is better with Chloe yelling in his earpiece.

The former Secretary of Defense, James Heller, is now president. He’s suffering from the beginning stages of a mentally debilitating disease but holding his own in London to negotiate a treaty with the British Prime Minister. His daughter, Audrey, whose torrid love affair with Jack left her comatose for years, recovered and married Heller’s chief of staff Mark Boudreau. (I am going on record as saying Mark is probably a bad guy.) They have no idea Jack is trying to save President Heller’s life because he feels like he owes his family (and I am guessing he still has a soft spot for Audrey too).

Before the president begins treaty talks, he learns that a U.S.-controlled drone killed a few British soldiers. Everyone thinks a rogue military soldier is responsible, but Jack and Chloe learn it's part of a bigger plot to kill the president. They get a glimpse at the real bad guy’s plans on a thumb drive but it self-destructs ... leaving Jack and Chloe with just a partial schematic.

Are you psyched 24 is back? What did you think of the premiere episode?

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