'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra's Marriage Was a Huge Mistake

Tamra and Eddie Judge could be on the rocks This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, all the water-cooler-worthy chat? That happened in the last five minutes. Sure, the show tried to let us spend time with two of the newest Housewives, Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek, but their storylines were as bland as the blandest of all Melba toast. And while I've never met a cracker I didn't like, when you hunger for something more complex, crackers just ain't cutting it ... sorry, I'm just really hungry. 

For me the meat (mmmm meat) of the episode was Tamra Judge dropping the baby bombshell on her new pec-tacular hubby Eddie Judge. I kind of can't believe that they didn't have this discussion about having kids together before they got married. I mean, isn't to-kid or not-to-kid one of the big deal-breakers couples face? It has to have come up because Eddie went into the marriage totally fine with Tamra's decision to have her tubes tied! Clearly the dude was all about no babies. 


I just don't think it's fair of Tamra to put Eddie in this position now. He made his feelings about being a father clear before they tied the knot: He's not interested. Fine! His prerogative! I understand that Tamra's dealing with a lot of sadness and strain over the shared custody of her other children with Simon, but having a baby to literally just have one around? It came off sounding sad, ill-advised, and, uh, kind of selfish.

I feel like a jerk for even saying that because it's clear that Tamra adores all of her children, and she adores being a mother. But we've seen what a struggle finding herself and earning happiness has been for her. I worry that if she presses this issue with Eddie, it's only going make things difficult between them.

Eddie wants so much for her to be happy, but already her flip on the kids issue is kind of making him sound like an asshole! Sure, when he told her it was fine, but she would have to "do all the work of raising it," I cringed. But you know what? He wouldn't have said it if Tamra hadn't changed her mind.

What do you think, should they have a baby or is Tamra wrong?


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