Chelsea's Houska's Ex Adam Lind Can't Decide Which Girl He Wants (PHOTOS)

Taylor Halbur, Adam LindOh, Adam Lind ... how we disdain thee. After the very rocky, on-again-off-again relationship with Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2, Aubree's dad eventually moved on to another tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship with Taylor Halbur. It seemed like things were going pretty well for those two after their daughter Paislee was born, but soon enough, they called it quits.

It was either due to his immaturity, or her partying ways (can you hear me snicker all the way from over here?), but whatever the reason, they were dunzo. To the point where Adam was rumored to have already found someone new! But then they seemed way too chummy on social media ... so ... what the heck is going on with Adam and Taylor?


Taylor denied any rumors they were back together a couple of weeks ago by tweeting, "Just bc Adam and I are getting along, figuring out how to better our relationship for the sake of our child and parenting the way we should gives people the right to make things up and talk major crap.. um no."

So then why did she have a sleepover with Adam this past weekend? Don't have sleepovers with ex-boyfriends, especially ones you're going to have to co-parent with! I mean, unless you're actually going to try to make the relationship work, but come on. This is Adam Lind we're talking about.

Anyway. I present without further comment, several snaps from Adam's Instagram account, with captions.

"Woke up to this .... my girls :)"


"Family :)"

"Hi :)"

"Great snuggling time lol"

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that people that aren't back together don't have sleepovers and snuggle times.

Do you think Taylor Should get back together with Adam?


Images via Adam Lind/Instagram

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