Chelsea Houska Shares Intense Feelings That Can Only Mean One Thing (PHOTOS)

Chelsea Houska

Grrrr! We wish she'd go ahead and spill as to who, exactly, he is -- but it's clear that Chelsea Houska's rumored new boyfriend has her completely head over heels.

All we know is that he's supposedly very handsome and is also someone who's in the public eye (whatever that means). Based on a couple of messages Chelsea shared on Instagram, it looks as though this girl is in love and officially off the market!

Check out what she had to say -- it's pretty darn intense if you ask me.


Nicholas Sparks quote

love quote

Damn. Um, has this dude stolen Chelsea's heart or what?

I think we all can understand where she's coming from with the "souls are connected" thing. We all have at least one person in our lives who makes us feel like we've been with them in another lifetime, and when they aren't around, we simply don't feel complete.

And then there's the second quote Chel shared, which is nothing short of insanely powerful. I don't know about loving someone so much I'd follow them to hell, but the "makes you feel so alive" part is definitely something you can't get enough of. (Sure beats being with someone who makes you feel invisible.)

OMG. It's so awesome that she is so happy, but I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say we wanna meet this dude already!

Are you happy for Chelsea?


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