Pregnant Jenelle Evans Caught Partying With Nathan Griffith & Friends

Jenelle EvansDid Jenelle Evans relapse into her party girl ways over the weekend? The Teen Mom 2 star has a history of getting wild and crazy, but we all thought she was doing so much better this past year, especially since getting pregnant with Kaiser eight months ago.

But it looks like she was out bar-hopping with her baby daddy Nathan Griffith and some other friends over the weekend. Will she never learn? ZOMG, Jenelle, you can't go out drinking when you're supposed to give birth next month!


Jenelle re-tweeted a photo that one of her friends posted of their night out on Saturday. The next day she addressed the naysayers, and her excuse for being out late drinking is one we never thought we'd hear from the old Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans, designated driver? Well I'll be ... even more surprising is that she says Babs can preach for her healthy lifestyle choices? Her mother Barbara? To say their relationship has been tumultuous over the years would be an understatement.

It seems like everything is working out fantastically for Jenelle, but will she get pulled down by friends who no longer have the same priorities as her? If Nathan's out drinking all the time, will she be tempted to go down that path again?

Maybe not. It seems priorities for both of them have changed. When a fan asked Jenelle if Nathan drinks often, the reality star responded, "Nope hasn't drank in monthsssss."

I guess that DUI last fall and subsequent jail time really got to Nate, since it doesn't look like he wants to repeat the mistakes of his past. Wow. It seems that these two are really growing up and handling life well. Let's hope it continues as they welcome Kaiser sometime next month!

Do you think it's a bad idea for Jenelle to go out with friends, even if she doesn't drink?


Image via shae_bradley/Instagram

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