Amber Portwood's Simple Beauty Fix Makes Her Look Hotter Than Ever (PHOTO)

amber portwoodOne of our OG Teen Moms, Amber Portwood, is known for many things: her tumultuous relationship with baby daddy Gary, her absolutely adorable daughter Leah, and the girl's total love of eyelashes.

From the moment we met Amber, she was lashed out. Literally. She rocked them colorful, long, and unnaturally dense. Her sets of peeper whiskers seriously belong in the Teen Mom beauty hall of fame, alongside Leah Calvert's purple low-lights and Chelsea Houska's ever-evolving collection of hair extensions. She even boasted them in her mugshot, so you know she's serious. 

But as it turns out, she's taken a step back since returning home after jail and is now rocking some awesome-looking lashes. Check them out:


Those are definitely some "long lashes," as Amber says, but dang, they're looking great. And since she posted the picture at 10:23 p.m., we're even more impressed. Whenever I rock some glam lashes, they're usually collapsing halfway through dinner and are causing some major temporary blindness.

But Amber's a pro. Now, they are obviously fake (seriously, no matter what you hear, no one's lashes are that feathered and full), but they're nonetheless really good. No more pink-tipped wings or eyebrow-grazing lashes for this girl. Amber has fully upgraded to the natural-looking kind and we're definitely digging them.

What do you think of Amber's lashes? Do you ever wear fake lashes?


Image via AmberLPortwood/Twitter

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