Amber Portwood Reveals the Scary Truth About Her Time in Prison

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood went on The Maury Show this week to mentor some troubled young girls walking down the same path she once did (and slam Justin Bieber, which was awesome). She didn't hesitate to tell them exactly what will happen to them if they don't knock it off.

The Teen Mom star explained what life was like in prison during her 17-month stay for drug-related charges. Amber has been very vocal about how her time behind bars helped her clean up her act and even become a better mother, but she's never elaborated on what it was like on the inside. In an attempt to get these troubled young girls to recognize their potential future, she finally opened up about it.


“The pain that I’ve experienced ... You guys don’t even know," Amber told the youths. "To be in prison for 17 months away from your kid? None of you guys have kids. But you’re lucky you don’t have kids. You don’t want that life right now!”

“Listen to me and listen good," she continued. "You all drink and use drugs? I did that too. You all want to have sex and get pregnant? I did that and had a baby. You all want to fight and cause drama? Yep, I did that too. You know where it landed me? In jail for 17 months. I had to clean toilets and eat disgusting prison food. You think you can handle all that? I don’t.”

And you think prison bathrooms are only scary in men's jail? Amber shared what happened to her that helped her learn to control herself. “You know what? When you’re getting jumped in the bathroom by three girls, you learn to shut your mouth," Amber said. "You’re not the biggest and baddest. You’re not."

Oyza, it sounds terrifying! Nothing like a group of bigger, badder prison inmates jumping you to show you that you can't just say and do whatever you want. Of course it would be better to learn that before going to jail, but sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they can begin to climb their way up again. Good for Amber for recognizing it as a chance to start over, and good for her for speaking out about it to hopefully give a dose of reality to troubled teens that need it.

Do you think these troubled youths will listen to Amber?


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