'Walking Dead' Wedding Announcement Is the Best Save-the-Date Ever (VIDEO)

Walking Dead save the dateFor my wedding save-the-date announcement, my then-fiance and I sent out bottles of champagne with customized labels. (We could only afford to do this because it involved, like, five bottles. Micro-sized weddings FTW!) At the time I thought that was pretty clever, but now that I've seen the amazing save-the-date video created by Breton Butler and Kyrielea Beggs, I want a do-over.

I mean, not a redo on my entire marriage or anything. I just want to go back in time so that it was MY idea to put together a Walking Dead-themed wedding announcement, because this thing is beyond cool.


Butler and Beggs, who are getting married this August, put together what has to be the eeriest wedding announcement of all time. It's based on The Walking Dead's spooky show credits and includes skin-crawling images of the couple via shattered photos and the names of their wedding party overlaid on abandoned buildings and other apocalyptic visuals.

Take a look:

How great was that? I mean, seriously. Now I'm dying (har!) to know what they have planned for their actual wedding. The bar's been set pretty high, Breton Butler and Kyrielea Beggs. Here's a suggestion for your cake design:

(Via Pinterest)

Would you ever do a zombie-themed wedding?

Image via YouTube

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