Jenelle Evans Takes Huge Pregnancy Risk So Close to Due Date

jenelle evansJust when I thought Jenelle Evans was all set making the right decisions and getting her life in order, she drops a bombshell. One that's making me wonder what in the heck is she thinking?!? She's going to Disney World. She tweeted, "trying to plan this Disney trip is really exhausting."

Now going to Disney isn't typically that big of a deal. Sure it's exhausting, but Jace is going to love it, and there will no doubt be tons of photo ops and arrghs once they go through the pirate rides. I could even see Jenelle getting all dressed up like a princess. Or at the very least some Minnie Mouse ears. Why this is totally bonkers is that Jenelle is eight months pregnant.


She's eight months pregnant and she's planning this trip? Is she going now? Next month when she's nine months pregnant? Is she planning on having Princess Aurora deliver the baby? Maybe she wants to have her baby at Ariel's Under Sea Adventure? Or rough it out at Frontier Land? I'm not saying that pregnant women need to stay put, but at eight or nine months pregnant, I can't help but feel that Disney and all the walking it entails might be a bit much for her. Plus, it's close to go-time ... you never know! Maybe Kaiser wants to come early.

Perhaps boyfriend Nathan Griffith is going to have some sort of push cart for her in case her feet get tired. She and Jace would sure look cute riding in some kind of Cinderella-type carriage. I'm hoping she remembers to stay hydrated. I'm tired just thinking about her journey, which I assume she's taking by car since flying that late in your pregnancy is not recommended. Oh Jenelle. Keeping things interesting as usual.

What do you think of this Disney trip so late in Jenelle's pregnancy? Would you or did you do a lot so close to your due date?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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