Kailyn Lowry Makes Single Moms Proud With This Unexpected News

pride over ptiy kailyn lowryOne of the things people say about teen moms is that they are never going to amount to much because they had a baby so young, maybe their schooling was cut short, and they are just babies raising babies and they ruined their lives. Wrong. Wrong Wrong. I'm going to respectfully disagree. I bet that not many people, not even that psychic who works out of the front of her house, could have predicted the amazing things that Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry, at just 22, has done. She isn't a train wreck. Sure, she's had setbacks and a failed relationship, but those things happen for reasons -- they just weren't meant to be. And now Kailyn has done something that is often reserved for the best of the best. Her book is a bestseller.

Kailyn's biography, Pride Over Pity, just made The New York Times Best Seller list. It's a victory not only for Kailyn.


It's a victory for single moms. For teen moms. For any mom going through any kind of struggle. For anyone going through a struggle. This is amazing!

Right there on the list with Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg, and Bill O'Reilly is Lowry's book. Way to go! She's beaming and tweeted, "I cannot believe Pride Over Pity became a NY Times bestseller. THANK YOU to all of you. It means so much!" 

Her husband Javi Marroquin also tweeted the sweetest thing, "My wife is a NY Times Best Selling author! I can't tell you how proud I am of her. Thank you everyone who bought the book!" 

I'm smiling so big for her. And while she is only 22, so many things have happened in her life that people can learn from, that people can be inspired to make positive changes. Her mom was an addict and she was homeless. She was also the victim of sexual abuse. Yet she found a way to rise above it all. Congrats on the success, Kailyn. You deserve it.

What do you think of Kailyn's book being a best seller? Would you read it?


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