'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: Jordan & Laurel Annoy the Whole House

the challenge free agents laurel jordanThe concept of "free agents" on this season's The Challenge somehow doesn't seem to apply to romance. Because left and right, hookups are lively and the party scene is fitting for an MTV reality show. But the season's de facto couple has become Jordan and Laurel, and they have very quickly started to irk the entire rest of the house.

Thankfully, we have the wonderful vet, Aneesa, to clear everything up for us: they're both competitive, athletic, obsessed with their own skills. "It's like they're dating themselves," she said while scoffing at their PDA. I gotcha, girl. They're definitely two peas in a pod, that's for sure.


After a pool party, the contestants embarked on this week's challenge: "Bounce Out." They were divided into two teams (Johnny Bananas and Cara Maria as captains), would each get into a clear hamster ball, and have one person on each team as the designated "goal ball" that would have to run across the beach and into a massive goal. The first team to score three points would be free from elimination and would choose one guy and one girl to go into the night's duel. The loser team? Well, they'd automatically go into the draw.

And in no surprise, Preston was once again chosen as the last guy. But then he completely turned up his game. He kept Isaac from crossing the beach and essentially scored Jordan (who was the "goal ball") as a point. Clearly the MVP. Even the rest of the cast had to admit that Preston was the winner of the entire challenge. Maybe now he'll go a little higher in the middle-school-style draft pick!

But as excited as Preston was, and the rest of the team for him, the winners were soon faced with the decision of picking two people from the losing team to enter into the elimination round. And what would a deliberation be without a lil' screaming match?

For anyone who's watched The Real World: Portland, you know that Jordan and Jessica haven't exactly gotten along. When Laurel and Jordan were discussing putting Aneesa into the elimination round and Jessica heard, she quickly went and relayed the information to Aneesa. When they shook hands and promised not to vote for each other, a deal was made. But Aneesa didn't waste any time in confronting Jordan about what she heard. And boy, he wasn't happy.

So when the winning team gathered for the discussion, he called Jessica out for not involving herself in the conversation (and essentially called her a floater). The words got ugly. He screamed directly in her face while she managed to hold it together and stormed out of the room. Impressive, to say the least.

Ultimately, LaToya and Brandon were voted into the elimination. But it didn't happen before Laurel tried to get Aneesa voted in right in front of her face. The vet wouldn't have it though and the rookies were in. Both without allegiances and clear powerful ties, the decision seemed fairly easy. Except for Jessica, who had to vote for her friend, and Swift, who voted for his. All's fair in love and challenges, right, guys? Who else remembers this famous Bananas quote?

In the elimination round, Cara Maria was the lucky lady, who, for the second time in a row, chose the kill card. And Brandon had his worst fears come true when he had to face Zach, the monstrous football player/Hulk/the biggest man in the house. But kudos to Brandon for not backing down. Especially when they found out that they'd have to run past each other, tackle the other person, and reach a bell at the end of the maze.

In no surprise, both challengers won and LaToya and Brandon were sent home in a jiffy.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Are you a fan of Laurel and Jordan?


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