Mackenzie Douthit's Weight Loss Reveal Is Jaw-Dropping (PHOTO)

Mackenzie Douthit Question: Is Mackenzie Douthit struggling to shed the baby weight after her February delivery? Answer: Ha ha ha ha ha -- FOOLS! Baby weight is only for "normal" people. A pic Mackenzie shared on Saturday made it clear that she is faaaaar from being normal. In fact, if I believed in sassy, crime-fighting caped crusaders with supernatural abilities, I might even be convinced to say that Mackenzie was one of them. 

In a recent selfie she shared on Twitter, girlfriend's body was insane. I maybe clicked through to look at it and just went, "Whaaaaaaaaaat" for a solid minute and half. It's clear that Mackenzie's been working hard to get her girlish (you know, teenage) body back the way she likes it. 


Really the fact that she has lost the weight in such a short amount of time isn't that shocking. First off, there's her age to consider. When you're younger, god knows your metabolism works like gang-busters. It slows when you get older. I weep for the bygone days when I could eat whole Frito pies and without a care in the world. 

Mackenzie Douthit

But you've also got to remember that Mackenzie is an athlete! She's a cheerleader! And a gymnast! Those folks work their bodies notoriously hard to be in tip-top shape, and Mackenzie's never made any secret of just how important fitness and her sports are to her. She's also clearly thinking about the summer months and swimsuit season. After all, this latest pic is taken in a tanning bed. Need I say more?

Do you think it's healthy to lose baby weight so quickly?


Images via Twitter

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