Chelsea Houska's Daughter Aubree Takes After Her in a Major Way (PHOTOS)

Chelsea HouskaWe've long thought that Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree was basically a little mini-me version of Chels running around, what with her flair for fashion and love of makeup, not to mention her precocious spirit. Now we have one more sign that Aubree is definitely Chelsea's daughter.

The Teen Mom 2 star Instagrammed a pic for "Throw Back Thursday," the time of week when people post older photos for a little walk down memory lane. The pic is of 4-year-old Chelsea, and wow! The phrase spitting image comes to mind.


Here she is 18 years ago, in all of her Peppermint Patty-adorned glory.

She captioned the photo, "4 year old me. #tbt #bangs" but probably could have said something along the lines of, "Take that, Adam Lind! She looks just like ME!" but Chelsea is way too classy for childish antics like that.

Now for some reference, here is a recent pic of Chelsea's daughter Aubree at 4 years old.

Look at that! They have the same dark, almond-shaped eyes, heart-shaped face, and cute little noses! And the smiles? Perfect match. Really, the only thing that's noticeably different about mom and daughter is the hair, but I doubt Chelsea is complaining about Aubs' angel-soft blonde locks.

Do you think Aubree is Chelsea Houska's mini-me?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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