Jenelle Evans Lashes Out at Fat Shaming Haters

jenelle evansJenelle Evans gets cuter and cuter by the day, and also more and more likeable. She's turned her life around and good for her! And Jace, and baby Kaiser, who is currently residing in her belly. Luckily baby daddy Nathan Griffith had an early release from jail because she's eight months pregnant -- getting so close. Things are good for Jenelle, really good. Until her fans began fat shaming her.

Who calls a pregnant woman fat? I'll tell you who.


People who follow Jenelle Evans. Mean people. Sadly the Teen Mom just has a lot of haters. And you know the Internets, people love to say mean things behind the protection of a computer screen, paying no mind that she's an actual person with feelings and calling someone fat isn't a nice thing to say.

There are the haters, and then there are those who are jealous. That hot pink bra and panty set is fantastic, Jenelle. Maybe some are jealous of that? Or the fact that you pulled your life together and they can't? Who knows. But what makes me most sad is Jenelle felt the need to defend herself when these people attacked her for gaining weight.

"Uhm I'm pregnant and actually lost 3 lbs my doctor said," she tweeted. Those who love Jenelle came to her rescue with some much needed support. She responded with: "Thanks for everyone's uplifting compliments today. Can't believe someone called me fat." Next time, maybe she should just ignore those kind of hateful and mean-spirited comments. Even if she gained a whole bunch of weight, she's pregnant -- all women are different and gain differently. Besides, I think she looks incredible.

What do you think of the mean comments Jenelle is getting about her pregnancy weight gain?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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