Chelsea Houska's New Boyfriend Sounds Like One Heck of a Catch!

Chelsea Houska

She hasn't exactly been verbal about her love life lately, but supposedly Chelsea Houska has a boyfriend -- and it sounds like he's pretty darn amazeballs. I mean, he's like a MAJOR catch, people.

A source told RadarOnline, "She doesn’t like to talk about it much, because it’s so new. And he's in the public eye! But he's very handsome and a great guy. She's so happy!"

Hold up -- he's "in the public eye"?!? What does this mean?


Um, did Chelsea manage to land herself a famous dude? Or at least a semi-famous dude, meaning he's a fellow reality TV star or something like that?

It can't possibly be a guy out of Hollywood, given that she lives in South Dakota, so it's likely someone who is either on TV, the radio, or perhaps she's dating a politician? (Kidding. Thinking that's a road she has no interest in ever going down.)

Whoever this guy is, let's hope he realizes how lucky he is to have snagged Chelsea. She's such a sweetheart and a wonderful mom. Also, let's go ahead and state the obvious -- she looks ridiculously hot these days after how much weight she's lost.

Man. Now I'm so curious about this mystery man, I can hardly stand it. Let's hope Chelsea doesn't keep his identity under wraps for too long. Who else hopes her Instagram starts filling up with photos of her looking happy and in love?

Who do you think Chelsea is dating?


Image via Instagram

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