Nikki Ferrell's Nasty Bedroom Habit Could Totally Gross Out Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

What people do and don't like in the bedroom really says a lot about their personality, and based on Nikki Ferrell's shady bedroom behavior? Well, let's just say Juan Pablo Galavis probably isn't exactly turned on when she ... gets down and dirty.

And when I say "down and dirty," I mean it literally.

You guys? Get a load of the tweet Nikki posted last night. You seriously aren't going to believe what she likes to do in bed.


Ugh. Eating pizza in the same place where she sleeps? Gross!

Ok, ok -- it's really not that big of a deal, especially since she was likely shacked up with Juan Pabs in a hotel room when the pizza consumption went down. She was at LAX last night headed out of town, and as far as we know, she and Juan Pabs don't have a pad in Cali.

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But let's just hope this isn't something Nikki regularly does at home, because if that's the case, it probably means she's not exactly the most tidy type of person. And based on how much Juan P. seems to dig pretty appearances, it could be a real deal breaker if Nikki moves into his place and proves to be a huge slob.

Relax, I'm kidding. Nikki may be a lot of things, but something tells me she doesn't have a dirty bone in her body. (No pun intended.)

Do you think it's gross that Nikki eats in bed?


Image via Twitter

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