'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Singer Is a Bad Friend

ramona betrays sonja This week on The Real Housewives of New York (cut to me twirling around in an ill-fitting bandage dress, eating a jar of apple butter with just my fingers), Aviva Drescher's drama with Princess Carole took a back seat. Finally. But the salty Hamptons air proved too bracing for all these broads, for verily and lo, did another conflict rear its ugly head. 

Ramona Singer started dishing the dirt about her supposed bestie, Sonja Morgan! Ramona let it slip that Sonja's house was being auctioned and other dirt about her trustee-ship. Et tu, Singer? Or should I say, Stinger? Ha, ha, I've made myself chortle. Please pass me the apple butter. Maybe some apple schnapps, while you're at it. Stinger, ha! I'm a genius. A lonely, lonely genius. This must be what Andy Cohen feels like every day.


LuAnn called out (in her confessional anyway) just how shady and low-class it was of Ramona, who is supposedly Sonja's friend, to air her business all the way from Hamp to Ton. While I agree it was uncouth of Ramona to be telling tales out of school, let's contextualize this a little, shall we? It's not like Sonja's legal and financial problems are locked away in a guarded vault at Gringotts, you know? It's pretty much common knowledge that the old dame's life has hit the skids.

Plus, you've got to remember that -- while it's no excuse -- it's natural Ramona would want to highlight someone else's misfortune at the moment. Let us not forget that that was in the thick of all the drama surrounding her own marital problems. Is it super terrible of her to detract attention away from her own problems by hissing about her friend's woes? Totally. But it happened. Sadly no one ever told Ramona that pissing in someone's face and telling them it's raining isn't just useless, it's also really rude. 

I wouldn't blame Sonja for losing it on Ramona for a time when this comes to light. I think these two weirdos are the heart of the show at present. They are like Mrs. Havisham meets Ab Fab and I love it. Exhibit Sonja's reaction to the wine-hurling this week. I know they'll get through this, but Ramona and her crazy eyes have some explaining, apologizing, and pee-from-face cleaning to do to make things right with Sonja. 

Would you forgive Ramona if you were Sonja?


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