'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Anna's Kitchen Skills Are Put to the Test

Anna the DuggarsThis week on 19 Kids &  Counting, it was a veritable Duggar family reunion! Michelle, Jim-Bob, and the entire clan still living at home made the journey to go see Josh and Anna for Thanksgiving. Everyone was exceptionally excited about it. Which might account for their early arrival to visit the kids. They weren't just a couple of hours early either -- they arrived at Josh and Anna's an entire day ahead of schedule! Oy vey!

Anna definitely has learned a little something from all the time she has spent with the Duggar clan. She channeled Michelle's infinite patience and actually managed to pull together a scrumptious holiday feast for 25 people without breaking a sweat! Though she did break the, uh, smoke detector. Please, that's practically nothing. It's practically an episode of I Love Lucy compared to the holiday season at my house. 


Jim-Bob ribbed her a little bit for the snafu, but you know he can joke about it because he's been there. He and Michelle might be professionals now, but you know it didn't start out that way. Besides, it's not really the holidays unless something catches on fire or there's another minor catastrophe. Though everyone said the food was delicious, you get the sense that even if dinner hadn't been ready in time, everyone would have been happy just being together. Really appreciating each other's company is something that seems to come naturally to the Duggars. 

It's great to see Jim-Bob and Michelle continue to nurture Josh and Anna even as they've come into their own as a couple and as parents. Watching them pass on the torch of tradition to the younger generation is really touching. I don't know very many families who get through the holidays without a few tears being shed. But the Duggars seemed happier than pigs in a blanket. Mmmm delicious, pigs in a blanket.

Did you think it was rude of the family to arrive early?


Image via TLC 

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