Naya Rivera Reportedly Fired From ‘Glee’ After Feud With Co-Star

naya riveraRachel Berry and Santana Lopez have never been besties, that's no secret. But now it turns out that the latest feud between the Glee stars has led to one big final showdown, and Naya Rivera has been fired from the show.

There have been rumors that Rivera and Lea Michele have taken their onscreen disagreements into real life and the two recently had one "major altercation." And it's looking like Rivera was the one to get the boot.


It's been reported that Rivera was "jealous" of the Michele-centric Glee format and even spoke to producers. Sure, the show's always been about Rachel Berry and her stardom, but the rest of the cast has helped carry the FOX hit for the past five seasons. It's certainly not surprising to hear that not everyone agreed with the focus on the main character. And it seems like the diva drama finally reached a boiling point.

According to The News, Rivera got into a disagreement with the producers, but Michele's name was somehow brought into it and "she went off. But it had nothing to do with Lea."

Interesting ... seems like the higher-ups finally said where they stand on the whole issue and promptly wrote Rivera out of the season 5 finale, and she won't be returning at all for season 6.

Rough stuff. It hasn't been the best year for Rivera so far. First her fiance ended their engagement, and now she's been fired from her main gig. But at least she has plenty of support from her fans: #NoNayaNoGlee has been trending on Twitter since the reports have surfaced, so there's plenty of Gleeks who'll be taking Santana's side.

Are you sad to see Naya/Santana leave the show?


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