Chelsea Houska Looks So Hot in New Selfie It's Insane (PHOTO)

Chelsea Houska

She's looked pretty awesome for months now, but after seeing a cute new selfie of Chelsea Houska and her daughter Aubree, you aren't going to believe what a transformation she's made.

I mean, not that she ever looked bad or anything, but it's clear that she's been working hard to slim down. She's definitely got a handle on the whole hair and makeup thing since her career as an aesthetician has taken off.

The photo above was taken about seven months ago, and this new one just popped up on Chelsea's Instagram yesterday.


Chelse Houska

Um, can you say gorgeous?!? Look at how flawless her skin is! And I'm loving the red hair, which really highlights her facial features. And how about that bright red lipstick? I know, I know, she should probably refrain from letting Aubree borrow this shade. (Might be a bit much for a 4-year-old.)

And I can't refrain from commenting on how thin she looks in this shot. Her face shape is totally different from what it was a year or so ago. She's so tiny, you guys!

Oh, and wait until you hear how she captioned this pic. "You'll never know dear, how much I love you."

Aww! I think it's safe to say that every mom knows exactly how she feels -- and it's obvious from this photo that Aubree is the absolute love of her life. (Seriously, these two are so adorable together I can hardly stand it.)

Do you think this is the best Chelsea has ever looked?


Images via Instagram

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