Jenelle Evans' Sexy Bikini Pic With Jace Is Deemed 'Creepy' by Haters

Jenelle Evans and Jace

Given how much heat she takes for practically every single move she makes in her life, Jenelle Evans probably should've known that haters were going to attack her for sharing yet another pregnant bikini photo on Twitter.

There are definitely mixed opinions out there as to whether or not preggos should sport skimpy bathing suits, but with this particular photo, Jenelle's baby bump isn't the focus of people's disgust.

Nope. This time they're giving her grief because Jace is in the pic -- and they're branding the shot as "creepy."


Jenelle captioned the photo with, "Despite what everyone thinks, my son loves his Mommy DEARLY."

I know what you're thinking ... what's so creepy about that?

As you will see, Jace has his hand on Jenelle's boob. And here is Jenelle's response to her haters:

OMG. Who in their right mind would call a photo of a little boy kissing his mother creepy? So what if his hand is on her chest. He was simply leaning down to give her a smooch and he's just a kid, for crying out loud. He's not at an age where he sees boobs as ... boobs -- so what's the big deal?

If Jenelle were doing something irresponsible in this pic, it would be understandable for people to call her out. But can we please cut the girl some slack for wanting to share a loving moment with her son? (Seriously ... enough already.)

Do you think Jenelle's photo is creepy?


Image via Twitter

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