'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra & Heather Didn't Solve ANYTHING!

Heather Dubrow is mad on Real Housewives of Orange CountyHeather Dubrow, like Lisa Vanderpump before her, is one smart cookie. The only problem with being a well-coiffed brunette whose head is full of brain cells AND secrets? Give it enough seasons, and those other lovable dummies figure it out. Call them old, call them fat, call them whatever you want, and they will throw perfectly good wine in your face with aplomb, never wavering! But call them DUMB? The line has been crossed.

Tamra (and Vicki, but mostly Tamra) has been feeling the sting of Heather's sheer braininess lately. Instead of stopping her friend and saying, "Stop talking to me like I'm dumb, Heather," Tamra starts off by doing what she always does: Power-squatting her feelings away. Instead of telling Heather she was mad at her, she was bitchy behind Heather's back. Unfortunately, like every Disney villain before her, Heather was lurking at the door and heard everything being said. Now both a blond and a brunette are butt-hurt. No one wins. 


Wounded to her very core, Heather did what every good housewife would do in this situation. She approached Tamra's husband and began to share personal, private details about the decision Eddie and Tamra are making about a baby. NOT COOL HEATHER. Here's the problem when you're smart: You can't do something this Machiavellian and have people not notice it! Eddie noticed it, and he was pissed. Tamra noticed it too. I was trembling in my footie-pajamas over what was to come when the duo finally had their tense sushi lunch and relationship chat. 

I fully expected Tamra to whip out this weapon when Heather began talking about feeling hurt. But then the weirdest thing happened. The ladies went rogue! Instead of hurling hateful accusations at each other, they had what appeared to be ... an earnest conversation about their hurt feelings? Unless Tamra is truly furious about the Eddie business and saving that torpedo for the next fight, this just seemed like two mature women working out their issues. It was nice -- TOO NICE! I blame Vicki Gunvalson. Because I always do. Seriously though, I feel like this truce is only temporary at best.

Do you think Tamra is playing Heather?

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