'Grease' on Live TV Could Be Perfect ... or a Perfect Nightmare (VIDEO)

Time will tell if a live three-hour version of Grease, which Fox plans to air sometime next year, is the one that we want. Ha -- see what I did there? Anyhoo, if you're anything like me and millions of women, tween, and teenage girls -- possibly even preschoolers -- you still drop everything you're doing to watch the 1978 film version of Grease anytime it's on TV just so you can salivate over John Travolta's Danny Zuko (I was more of a Kenickie girl, myself).

It makes total sense why Fox is looking to expand its musical offerings, given the crazy success of a little show called Glee. But the network had better be very careful with its casting if it wants Grease-devotees to tune in.


Since the show is in its early stages of development, we still haven't received word on which actors and actresses are in the running to play Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, and the other iconic members of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds. A spokesperson for Fox has promised it will have "star power," which makes us think: ka-ching! If the network plans on shelling out big bucks to draw great talent to the show, who knows who will be cast?

Carrie Underwood is a definite shoo-in for Sandy, I'm sure -- but why do I feel like Taylor Swift is going to throw her name in the ring, too? There are already rumors that some of the actors and actresses in Glee will score roles. Though that seems so obvious and boring, you have to admit Lea Michele has the Broadway experience to pull off something like this.

As for Danny -- your guess is as good as mine. John Travolta was perfect in the role and it's going to break my heart to have to see someone like -- heaven forbid -- Justin Bieber try and snag the part.

Casting for Grease Live is either going to make or break the show. I mean, seriously, it's not going to be easy to fill these shoes (er, and platform-heeled sandals):

Who would you cast in the live television version of Grease?


Image via YouTube

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